[Noisebridge-discuss] tubs versus walls for member shelves

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Feb 16 01:43:10 UTC 2012

As someone who has a lot of crap on my member shelf (which i intend to 
reduce) i want to point out that the use of cubbies is a fail, in the 
sense that we will be losing 20% of our potential storage volume for these 

those particular cubbies are designed to be rugged (for moving stuff in 
cross-country semi trucks) and to be stackable, tall, without falling 

There are cubbies available which are much thinner-walled and have less 
draft angle, so you get more space.

But a better solution would be for people to install thin flat material to 
their shelves, turning the entire shelf into a tray.

What happens when you put stuff on a flat surface, with nothing at the 
edge but a precipice?  STUFF FALLS OFF!!!!!!

I think you should save your hundreds of dollars and instead pay yourself 
to attach thin flat material to all the shelves, to make them more into 
enclosures than elevated flat platforms.

They can even be fully enclosed!  the shelves provide the structure!

also, my friend had a tub as his shelf (his entire project was inside the 
tub) and the tub was found by me the other day NEXT TO THE EWASTE BIN.  It 
no longer had his name on it (the paper tag had somehow come off?) but it 
was obviously someone's stuff.  I put it back on a shelf.

Tubs can move around!  Shelves (with enclosing walls) won't!!!!!


Shannon Lee wrote:
we ought to buy 80 of these:  http://is.gd/UCQIsE

then everybody gets a bin; the bins are lockable; and we can move things
around without mixing up everybody's stuff and making a mess.

I have a couple of hundred bucks to put into a "get us some bins" project.


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