[Noisebridge-discuss] BIL Conference 2012!!

Kristy Hilands khilands at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 23:38:48 UTC 2012

Hello Noisebridge Friends!

I am helping to organize the BIL conference, which is happening March 3rd
and 4th on the Queen Mary in Long Beach: http://www.bilconference.com/.
 BIL is looking to be even bigger and better this year, as we are expecting
800+ attendees! I am contacting you because the BIL team expects that the
members of your community are just the kind of community that BIL typically
attracts (talented technologists, scientists, artists and hackers who are
making headway through their creativity, intelligence and drive, and who
aim to gain inspiration from like-minded people). So, we wanted to make
sure you knew about how to get involved! We also wanted to provide you with
some important information that you can share with your people. Here's what
you can do!:

*1) Display your amazing ART at BIL!*
BIL provides a particularly hospitable space for displaying interactive
art. If you or any of your community members would like to display your art
in this space, please see the attached "Call for Artists" PDF for info.

*2) Sign up to give a talk!*
Here is how your community members can have the opportunity to give a talk
and brag about their work at the BIL conference:

*3) Be a Sponsor for BIL!*
Here's how you can increase your exposure to motivated people and spread
great ideas through the BIL conference:

*4) Sign up to be a BIL attendee!*
Here is a link to our registration page: http://bil2012.eventbrite.com
*5) Let us know how we can help you and your community!*
If you'd like to promote your own community and organization through BIL,
let us know how we can make that a reality for you! We aim to provide a
space where you can share your mission and projects with our community.
This is how powerful collaborations happen that will make the world a
better place! Please feel free to email me (khilands at gmail.com) with any
ideas you may have.

*6) Help us get the word out!*
If you think BIL has the potential to inspire your community, please
consider sending out a tweet, FB post, and/or email letting your
people know about this fabulous conference and how they can participate.
Our Twitter name is '@bilconf' with the hashtag of 'BIL2012'
Our Facebook event page is https://www.facebook.com/events/327939117226901/

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at BIL 2012!

Kristy Hilands
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