[Noisebridge-discuss] Why the "85" page is a crock of bullshit.

Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 04:56:17 UTC 2012

What was once originally intended to be a Wiki page dedicated to posting
names of individuals that were considered to be a personal threat to the
overall homeostasis of Noisebridge Hackerspace, has turned into the "Page
Six" <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Page_six#Page_Six> of Noisebridge. I had
a heated debate with other individuals within the hackerspace about how I
personally felt the 85 page was actually childish and stupid. I brought up
the fact that anyone can edit the wiki, therefore some of these people
 ("Oogles" or whatever terminology we're providing to erroneously
aggrandize ourselves for being PC enough to avoid using more pejorative
terms such as "hobos", "squatters", or "Occupants") are people who have
their name posted on the 85 page happen to be respectable individuals that
DO actually take an interest in hacking computers or other electronics
within the space and don't sleep here. In this debate, I openly expressed
that the last thing I wanted is for these individuals to have a negative
association/reputation given to their name and/or identity, simply because
someone could easily feel compelled enough to dislike them and click the
edit button to add their name to the list of "Oogles", and erroneously
express information that is subjective and display it as if it were an
objective fact (which is the only evidence which is valid). Then I asked
one of the individuals I was debating with how they would react if I went
on the 85 page and posted something that could reflect negatively upon
them. Their response was that I should go ahead and do it, and that they
would gladly defend themselves and "openly tackle any criticism thrown
their way." I stopped paying attention to what they were saying afterwards
because I noticed at that point that they were getting all defensive due to
their body language and the tone of voice of in which they were speaking to
me. I'm HELLA LMFAOing RIGHT NOW because that individual within a 3 hour
window had their name added to the "85" list with a negative description
posted about them from somebody else who wasn't me, and due to the nature
of the post, it's not surprising to me in the very least that the
individual who had their name added to the list was totally running around
today and yesterday talking all kinds of crap. I can totally tell that
they're taking it personally, saying things like "I'm just going to post
[person x]'s name to the list and [person y]'s name to the list the minute
I witness their unexcellent behavior This is BS [blah blah blah blah],"
Again I stopped listening to what they were saying due to their body
language and facial expressions.The beauty of all of this is that I didn't
even have to go and post their name to the list just to prove my overall
point, someone already went ahead and did it for me, Ahahahahaha Karma!
Karma! Lulz to the power of 10. I'm going to take it upon myself later to
add myself to the list, before someone beats me to it, or I dunno feel free
to start one without me, and I'll add to it later when I have some time to
spare... But first, I need to troubleshoot some of my computer
software/hardware problems and learn how to hack my headphones. Yay!

- Justin Patrick Doerr.
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