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> How does squatting fit in with zoning laws? I'd expect squatting to bypass
> any lease conditions since, well, squatting rights by definition go against
> the desires of the property owner.


It seems that it would be difficult to do in Noisebridge, except for people
who have their names on the utility bills.

>From the sum of this, it seems SF has no squatters' rights. The best you
can do is get your name on some utilities and try not to LOOK like a
squatter so that, when the cops inevitably come to drag you out, you can
wave bills in their face and hope they believe what you say. This all just
makes it more difficult to be removed, not impossible, and probably serves
no real good except to delay being tossed out on your ass so you have time
to find a new place to squat and move all your things safely, once the
landlord is tipped off.

If someone did find a way to gain root to Noisebridge and get us all kicked
out because they're successfully squatting, I'd tip my hat to them and say

............. _ at y
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