[Noisebridge-discuss] Last night at Noisebridge was awesome!

Felipe Sanches juca at members.fsf.org
Wed Feb 22 06:27:55 UTC 2012

Hey, Mitch!
That's really really great!

Seven hours ago I've seen a message at Garoa Hacker Clube's mailing list
(we're a hackerspace in São Paulo, Brazil) saying something very similar.
Here it is:

Original in brazilian portuguese (ENGLISH TRANSLATION FOLLOWS!):


Sério, se eu pudesse escolher um dia para grava um comercial do Garoa,
seria hoje.

- tem neguinho cortando metal de mala no porão 0;
- juca cortando adesivo na parede;
- um povo vendo filme na sala;
- brigadeiro na panela;
- muita gente nova e potenciais padawans conhecendo a CCD;
- pilha de garrafa de cerveja e bolinha de queijo na mesa;
- pessoas discutindo como abrir uma empresa só utilizando software livre
aqui nos pufes da sala;
- vitor scattone abrindo a porta dos fundos com lockpicking;
- pessoas jogando um jogo de tabuleiro lindo parecido com magic;
- e, claro, eu aqui, fazendo umas opções de front-end pro site e pra wiki
do garoa.

eu nem disse tudo.


Seriously, If I could choose a day to record an advertisement of Garoa, it
would be today.

- there was a dude cutting metal parts from a suitcase at basement #0; [we
have 2 basements #0 and #1]
- Juca preparing stickers on the wall;
- people watching a movie at the living room; [ movie was "WarGames" on the
projector ]
- brigadeiro on a pot; [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brigadeiro ]
- lots of new people and potential new padawans visiting the CCD; [CCD
means House of Digital Culture which is the place our hackerspace is
hosted] ["padawan" is the way we call people in the process of becoming new
- a pile of beer bottles and cheese snacks in the kitchen table;
- people in the living room cushions discussing how to open a company using
only free software;
- Vitor Scattone opening the backdoor with lockpicking skils;
- people playing a beautiful board game that looks like "Magic, The
- and, of course, myself, choosing some front-end settings to the website
and wiki-pages of Garoa.

And I didn't even mention everything.


happy hacking,
Felipe Sanches
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