[Noisebridge-discuss] An honest confession [Drama]

Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 09:13:15 UTC 2012

I just recently received an email from an individual, whose name I choose
to remain anonymous, that I'm thankful was kind enough for addressing me
with honest and constructive criticism about something that I'm actually
entirely aware of as a personal character flaw within myself. I'm bravely
willing to publicly admit that I can be kind of crabby and irate when
addressing things to people, and that it may come off as inconsiderate or
unkind. The very truth to why I feel I get that way sometimes, especially
here, is because I'm aware that I don't break my text up into paragraphs.
 In the future, I will strive to use paragraphs appropriately. I
particularly feel this way when this type of criticism is actually coming
from people I honestly respect and admire for their wide and vast array of
knowledge in specialized fields I take quite a surprising amount of
interest in. Fields of knowledge of in which I'm entirely aware I'm a total
novice. Which is OK!! and more importantly is something that I want people
to respect, as opposed to mock or overlook.  I feel like every human being
has the right to evolve into somebody that will someday provide something
beneficial to society. I personally think that something I take quite an
exciting interest in above all other topics of information is the topic of
human relations/resources. I am currently in the process of hacking the
Human Resources binder of Noisebridge that RAYC was so awesome for
creating, and creating categories that are based upon the Noisebridge wiki,
my own ideas, and the ideas of others. I also believe that some people are
better or worse at certain things than others, and that Noisebridge is
somewhat of a social experiment where individuals can exercise their
potential to perfect their skills in something that they are already
naturally good at doing. Some stuff is beneficial to a small or large group
of individuals.

I promise to break up my posts into paragraphs in the future.

Thanks for listening.  You guys are the best!
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