[Noisebridge-discuss] This Is Completely Un-Excellent

Elijah Post elijahpost at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 06:47:45 UTC 2012

So, I've been called an idiot on-list and off-list by five people for
expressing a degree for caring about the space and it's integrity being
challenged by people who are assholes. But now I am finding a substantial
degree of assholes from within the space.

What are you guys getting out of life by being such dicks to me? You
realize that my comment was made because I cared about the space, and I
misinterpreted the situation a bit. Go back on this thread and read what's
been said, and realize what bullies you all are. You are no different than
the people who made that page. This is the kind of behavior that makes
noisebridge the laughing-stock of people like those who made the tumblr

Y'all are the ones being unexcellent.

On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 10:41 PM, Arnold Murray <arnold.murray at ymail.com>wrote:

> --- On Sat, 2/25/12, Elijah Post <elijahpost at gmail.com> wrote:
> >This may very well fall under the legal category of slander. Legal folks
> >anyone?
> You do realize every single entry in the tumblr blog has a handy
> link to an original posting on the public archive of the
> noisebridge-discuss mailing list, right?  I believe that
> with the exception of the actual title of the Tumblr, every single
> piece of text is just a pointer to something on noisebridge.net
> Maybe we can copyright the text and DCMA tumblr
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