[Noisebridge-discuss] FBI stopped by and said Hi and that there was a cyber threat from noisebridge, Feb. 21 2012 around 9pm

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Mon Feb 27 08:01:56 UTC 2012

On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 6:25 PM, Andy Isaacson <adi at hexapodia.org> wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 07:04:39PM -0700, Gopiballava Flaherty wrote:
> > On Feb 26, 2012, at 7:00 PM, Danny O'Brien wrote:
> > > Yeah, but it's not the first time. Any way we can make the contact
> > > details *even clearer*?
> >
> > You mean, any way that you can convince the FBI, in advance, that we
> > didn't do it, no matter what it is? Good luck with that :)
> The problem is, we want to convey the following:
> 1. email admin at noisetor.net for issues with these IPs.
> 2. call $PHONENUMBER if that's not fast enough.
> 3. If you *must* go somewhere here's our Market St address.
> We've had two contacts so far where the results have been:
> 1. they email our upstream rather than us, delaying the response.
> 2. they call a different number.
> 3. they come to 2169 for issues about noisetor.
> I agree, clarification may be in order.  Anybody care to look at the
> whois info on aka exit-01a.noisetor.net and let us know
> how to make it clearer?
> -andy:

The registrar for Noisetor.net is GANDI SAS.

I can't find this contact info on noisetor.net or

Those would be the FIRST places I would look to find anyone's contact info,
personally, but I'm no FBI agent. (Really! >_>)

It's also possible that anyone could confuse "noisetor" with "noisebridge"
and thus presume 2169 is the place to be anyway, even if you made contact
info very obvious.

UNFORTUNATELY, 2169 is an extreme dead end of dead ends because we do not
host any exit nodes in the physical space ANYWAY. If the agents did any bit
of background, or knew how to hop into irc, they would know all of this
already, and they possibly do know this but want an excuse to fish for info
in person, or they possibly did no background research online and just want
to putter around aimlessly irl and enjoy running into dead ends. Maybe dead
ends require less paper work. Maybe the reason they state for investigating
the space is misleading and they want to find out something entirely
different. I'm not an FBI agent, so I wouldn't really know if they file
paperwork at all, or lie about their intentions, but I imagine there is a
lot of irl puttering about, based on the number of agents who show up at
2169 because somebody SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD used tor to access their

OMG, SOMEBODY LOGGED INTO TWITTER OVER TOR. Send in the black helicopters.



This episode also raises an important question in my mind: who buzzed the
FBI agents into the space?

(O.K., so technically Corey did not say they were in the space; it's
possible he spoke with them downstairs outside the gate, but I somehow am
just not picturing that.)

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