[Noisebridge-discuss] Thanks for the cleanup!

Liz Henry liz at bookmaniac.org
Mon Feb 27 21:36:58 UTC 2012

I'm back at NB after not being around very much the last few weeks and 
the new table arrangement is really nice and more wheelchair accessible 
than it has been. I really like the wider corridors.  I can get around 
(in my wheelchair) to the electronic stuff better than I could even a 
month ago. And so much more crap is up off the floor.

whoever has been decluttering and cleaning the floor especially in the 
library area, thank you very much!

- liz


Liz Henry
liz at bookmaniac.org

"Without models, it's hard to work; without a context, difficult to
evaluate; without peers, nearly impossible to speak." -- Joanna Russ

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