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The SF Tenants Union does counseling, for a small donation to the
organization. I spoke with a counselor once at their Mission office, who
gave my housemates and me good advice, and from the waiting room I could
hear the counseling giving really good advice to people who were in a worse
situation than us. :)

THEY ARE NOT LAWYERS, but they have heard it all before & can answer your
questions more specifically than their web site's FAQs. -- I do know that
if she is being evicted AND is able to halt the process or at least delay
it, there is some specific paperwork to file and it needs to be done ASAP.

Ultimately: Your friend WILL want to move out, if she is living with these
people and they are actually the master tenants. Maybe there is something
she can do to delay moving so she has more time than two weeks, but maybe
delaying moving would still not be the best thing for her well-being.
That's up to her to decide, based on more personal info like "how unhappy
is this environment" and "are her belongings and self in direct harm while
she lives there", which you don't have to tell me, it's up to her to decide.

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> On Feb 28, 2012 3:40 PM, "Corey McGuire" <coreyfro at coreyfro.com> wrote:
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> > Hey all,
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> > My friend is being abused by her master tenants.  They are kicking her
> out without warning, giving her two Weeks to change her life, threatening
> to throw her out along with her stuff, and th is is all a surprise.
> >
> > Please help.  it might be best for her to leave, but the pressure she is
> under and the abuse is intense, not to mention that they are obviously
> acting in an illegal fashion.
> >
> > Thanks, on her behalf and mine.
> I wish I could help your friend! Unfortunately, our house is plumb full at
> the moment. Good luck to her.
> That being said, I am a master tenant. Kicking someone out of your place
> for no reason is actually *not* necessarily illegal. If you are considering
> bringing a suit against the master tenants, make sure that she hasn't
> signed a sublease agreement. If not, you're correct - she is afforded the
> same rights as the landlord-tenant relationship with the master tenant. If
> she *has* received a sublease agreement, be careful...there could be a
> stipulation in there about eviction for any reason.
> I do have my roomies sign a sublease with me, and it *does* have a
> stipulation in there that you can be evicted for no reason with a one month
> notice. Before you call me a dick, consider the following: your landlord
> doesn't really care if you or your roomies masturbate furiously all over
> your prized barbie doll collection on a daily basis. However, said owner of
> barbie doll collection may be...irritated. Therefore, wouldn't it be cool
> to be able to punt them out of the house because of it? That's why people
> make those things.
> Anyways, I wish the best for your friend. I'll keep my eyes open and see
> what pops up.
> Sean
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