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That's right, and MAPS is currently engaged in Phase II FDA approved clinical trials with MDMA. They're coming up to their "End of Phase II meeting" next.

You can read about the FDA process and some of their results in their latest Prospectus: http://maps.org/prospectus.pdf

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On Feb 29, 2012, at 12:23 AM, Sean Cusack wrote:

> If you are running a defacto, peer-reviewed clinical trial with the intent of using the results to sway a regulatory body, you *must*, repeat *must* register that trial with the FDA. All trials registered with the FDA get posted to the website clinicaltrials.gov to give open access to anyone interested in participating. To run a clinical trial, you must have a defined endpoint - you can't just "feel great". You have to have raised brain activity, or reduced disease levels by mri, or increased appetite, really *anything* at all measureable, and you have to define what that is up front before starting the trial.

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