[Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Web-App Options - Which would you prefer?

joey at eproject-inc.com joey at eproject-inc.com
Wed Feb 29 23:38:30 UTC 2012

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Noisebridge Web-App Options - Which would you prefer?

Dear Noisebridge member, Pyclass (the NB python class) hopes to foster a  
more networked, accesible, and fun Noisebridge experience by helping people  
engage with the space through a useful web application. We have tossed  
around a few ideas, but we are relying on you, the NB community, to help  
use decide which of these ideas would be most useful.

Which of these ideas would you be most likely to use? * choose 1

A gamified To-Do list (people are rewarded in a creative way for checking  
things off a task list)
A Forum - a general place for suggestions, conversations, and networking
Interest Matchmaking (meet people to teach, be taught, or collaborate with)

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