[Noisebridge-discuss] 3D Computer Vision / Kinect Hacking (fwd)

Jake jake at spaz.org
Thu Feb 9 11:25:15 UTC 2012

Perhaps you've heard of our robot, MC Hawking?  It is a wheelchair robot we are 
trying to get it to obey simple commands by human beings.


as you can see it has a Kinect on top.  We have been trying to get it to 
recognize people and gestures but no luck.

Would you like to donate your hardware so we can get a robot to obey human 
masters by gestures alone?


Hi there,

Is anyone here interested in 3D Computer Vision or Kinect hacking?

I'd like to show you a cool motion control technology that gives users the
ability to perform complex gestures and natural interaction across a wide
variety of devices. The technology is much smaller and less expensive than
the Microsoft Kinect and hundreds of times more accurate than any other
motion sensing technology in the world.

Here's a TechCrunch article about OcuSpec: http://tinyurl.com/77gpsqv

Please contact me to see a demo. I'd like to get your feedback.



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