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Hi to all,
For the ones familiar with former Undergrounds markets you know what it is about and for the ones new to this type of event = if you want to start small "catering" busines without large investments, this should be one of your chances both production wise and "selling wise". I think it is a great idea, Tastebridge is doing something similar on experimental non commercial level I would say. Please forward it farther!

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Incubator kitchen Fundraising  
Fundraisers for the build out of an incubator kitchen
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Forage Kitchen: An Incubator
Hey all
I hope you're all out there doing well. I've run into a lot of you over the last couple months, and have been really excited about how far everyone has come.  I'm writing today because we're getting serious about our next big project, the build out of an incubator kitchen. We want this to be more than just a shared kitchen. We want it to be a home for small food entrepreneurs to get a start. A place where you can use professional equipment, talk to consultants about growing your business, get design help, but most importantly, work together. The hardest part of starting a business is the feeling that you're doing it all alone.  We all spend weeks figuring out the same problems, and I love the idea of having a place where we can all feed off each other, and help each other.  In the spirit of working together, we're in the midst of trying to get an umbrella insurance plan so vendors won't have to all get their own. We want this space to be a hub for the
 people who love food. Love making it, eating it, and learning about it. We plan to have a 1 acre rooftop garden where we’ll grow produce that we can then use, while at the same time partnering with local farms to get more of their products into our kitchen. I’m really excited about this project.

The thing about this idea is that it costs a lot of money. We’re working with a few investors, but I think it's an exciting idea to get the folks who are going to use the space involved in its creation. Get the idea out while at the same time having a couple good parties. The next couple months we are going to be focusing on creating fund raising events, not only to raise money, but also to let folks in town know what we're doing.  We'll be in touch soon with more specific info about events, but I wanted to write to see who is interested in being involved. Either being a vendor at one of our events, organizing your own fundraiser, volunteering to help organize, or simply help to promote, it'll be fun to work with you all again.

If you want to help out, or have ideas of people we should contact/partner with, please click here and let us know. See you all soon.
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