[Noisebridge-discuss] we made Delta leave at 2AM

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Feb 15 10:52:33 UTC 2012

Delta was here after the meeting and since several stories had been shared 
about him, and we were all familiar with them, we decided to make him 
leave.  Jake Rayc Rachelyra Eric Pearl

He had left the space about 1:30AM after asking everyone if they wanted to 
give him money for him to make fudge later.  I don't know if anyone wanted 

Around when he was leaving, Zach was leaving with his scooter and asked 
Delta not to park his bike in the wheelchair access path to the elevator. 
Delta was apparently rude to zach and argumentative and hostile with him.
Zach says Delta was "angry" about it.  "he was being a really big dick."

When Delta returned from the store with ingredients for fudge, about five 
of us all said "i'll help make him leave right now" and so we all stood up 
and went to him as he was getting off his bike.

We explained to him that we had talked about him at the meeting, which he 
hadn't attended, and also after the meeting, and that we had decided that 
we didn't want him to come here anymore except if he wanted to come to a 
meeting to talk about it.

We tried to explain to him that the majority of noisebridgers do not view 
leaving noisebridge for a week as a big deal, and that we appreciated him 
not making a big deal out of it.

He tried to talk his way out of it and we all took turns explaining to him 
that it wasn't up for discussion and that he could come to the meeting to 
talk about it, or join the discuss list to talk about it.

Then he needed a bag to put his groceries into (that he had bought to make 
us fudge that we didn't want) and then he started chatting with his 
friends who were already here.  They were alternately commiserating with 
him saying that things around here were like "the lord of the flies" and 
also telling him that they had warned him that "we are all guests here".

Eventually he left, with his friends taking him downstairs to roll him a 
last cigarette.

I didn't witness his interaction with Zach, but i could tell that if there 
hadn't been a group of five of us assertively telling him that the 
decision had been made, he would have argued back a lot more.


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