[Noisebridge-discuss] Please make the tube display go away

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu Feb 16 02:05:36 UTC 2012

I can kill two personally opinionated birds with one stone by leaving
the horrible tube TV that's by the door along with the camera and cable
setup that many Noisebridgers have asked to never be installed in the
first place, on the street...


Could whoever the group was that setup the TV next to the main door swap
it out with and LCD with a sleep time out or something that doesn't emit
a high pitched whine that makes me not want to be in the space more than
any other social problem Noisebridge has ever faced.

The response "just turn it off when not in use" isn't valid and will be
ignored, since no one else in the space seems to want to keep it off.

rubin at starset.net

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