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Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 02:03:35 UTC 2012

So, this afternoon, after a lovely spell of zine-hacking at Noisebridge --
no trolls in sight, several delightful children with a watchful father
figure in attendance, beautiful outside, downright tranquil) -- I made the
rounds of several local businesses with copies of
*ZiP*<https://noisebridge.net/zine>-- the new Noisebridge megazine the
whole neighborhood is talking about --
in hand. Mission Comics wasn't interested - they sell comics; ZiP is not a
comic; though I am seeking an illustrator to collaborate with on a
Noisebridge Muppet Show comic strip for ZiP02; ping me! -- but *Needles and
Pens, the zine store near 16th & Guerrero*, took one look and fell head
over heels. I'm going back there this weekend with 5 revised copies (fixing
some errors & oversights in the first batch) that will grace their shelves
for the next several months. Or until they sell.....

It'd be great if they sold!

I'm open to suggestions of anywhere else that might be interested in
carrying / distributing ZiP.
ZiP02 planning session this Thursday, Feb. 23, 9pm* @ - yep, you guessed it
- Noisebridge. Brainstorm with us! Help sculpt this amorphous mass of
zinetic enthusiasm into a viable structure. This time around we're giving
all contributors the option of designing the layout for their own pages in
ZiP02. You won't get that with Conde Nast.....

I've also been wondering if I could organize a *film screening of Great
American Horror Films at Noisebridge*. Some Saturday night double header
thing. My ideal would be a screening of the brilliant IFC Films produced
doc "The American Nightmare" followed by the original Texas Chain Saw
Massacre (1974, Tobe Hooper), which is a film that has haunted and inspired
me since the tender age of 8 when I first saw it. That movie shaped my
ideas of art and film and how something could be beautiful and moving and
artistic and at the same time dark and disturbing and depraved. I daresay
it's tied in with my whole warped creative process and hacking (in whatever
sense I'm a hacker) that lies at the core of my existence. I've heard
others heap similar accolades upon other classic horror films such as
Romero's original Night of the Living Dead and the early works of Wes
Craven, David Cronenberg and John Carpenter (all of them covered in the IFC
doc I mentioned).

I have found that many people rule out horror films categorically,
considering them to be mindless, sadistic trash of the Friday the 13th /
slasher variety. Some people -- the ones open minded enough to give them a
chance -- are surprised when they see that's not the case particularly with
the films mentioned above of the late 60s and early 70s, which were very
much connected to and arose out of conditions in society at the time. I
feel strongly that these films possess redeeming artistic merit, and in
fact they are among the most moving and beautiful films to me -- bar

So, maybe a screening? If anyone is into it. I've taken classes, read
serious sober pontificatory type texts on the subject. I'm academic about
this shit.


Longshanks the zine-making tiger
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