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Hey all,

Here is a tweet protest happening around the chemicals in our technology
stuff and the big bad corporations that aren't interested in seeking
cradle-to-cradle technologies. Rock it if you want to!


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Subject: From Barcelona: Action on Twitter_Awareness on Coltan during
Mobile World Congress 27/02

Dear friends,

The Assembly of  Les Corts, Barcelona, wants to suggest a ´twitter´ action
for the Mobile World Congress on 27th February 2012.

*Aim*: To sneak in the Congress´ hashtags (#MWC12 and #GSMA) in order to
make users and companies (especially the CEOs) aware of the problems
related to COLTAN (columbite-tantalite, it is a black mineral used in cell
phones, digital cams and computer chips) and the war in Congo. We also want
to put emphasis on issues like liability, sustainability and consumption
(below you will find links to learn more about Coltan), hoping that this
issues will be discussed in their congress in the future.


*Ultra Easy Way:*

 From Monday 27/02/12 at 10 am  (Spanish time), retweet  the tweets that
will be launched from the user s at AssambleaLCort (we will be writting in
Catalan and Spanish but also in English). This attack should last at least
a day, but if it is a success we can carry on the whole four days of the

-Please spread this information to people, groups or organisations that
might be able to help us or want to participate. We do believe in people's
spontaneity and hope that many will participate, but we are also aware that
strategy is much needed, that is why we are looking for allies.

*A more elaborated  way:*

-Writing your own tweets. You are free to do so as you wish, however, we
discourage using direct confrontation or abusive language because the
information we want to present speaks for itself. Just making the correct
questions, should be enough to embarrass and worry business executives and
companies due to their involvement in promoting war and human right

Here there is some information that can be helpful:

 Examples of questions that we can use (in Catalan, Spanish, English, and
so on),

- Are you posing questions about sustainability and implementing the 3 R:
reduce, reuse, recicle?#GSMA

- at Nokia: what is the position of the company about the violation of human
Rights and the war in Congo? #MWC12

Congress Hashtags : #GSMA  and  #MWC12

Potential users to confront:

- @mobileworldlive
-  @Motorola
- @applenws
- @GinniRometty (IBM CEO)
- @MegWhitman (HP CEO)
- @MichaelDell (Dell CEO)
- @intelcard (Paul Otellini), INTEL CEO. (Not 100% sure!)
- @Tallboy6 (John Donahoe, E-Bay CEO).
- @btaylor (Bret Taylor, Facebook CTO).
- @ericschmidt (Google Executive Director)
- @selop (Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO).
- @Verwaayen (Ben Verwaayen, Alcatel CEO).
- @SamsungMobile

There are also a lot of transnational corporations that feed on the various
branches of Coltan: Alcatel, Compaq, Dell, Ericsson, HP, IBM, Lucent,
Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, AMD, AVX, Epcos, Hitachi, Intel, Kemet, Nec,
Sony, Bayer, Motorota, or IBM.

- We considered starting an alternative hashtag but it is not decided yet
(might be something like #NotWithMyCellPhone). Anyway, if you retweet us,
youl will see it.

Some links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bErO9BZUovA  (it's in Spanish, but clearly
explains origins of coltan and how it gets into our mobile phones).




 Thank you for your help!



Assemblea de les Corts
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