[Noisebridge-discuss] FBI stopped by and said Hi and that there was a cyber threat from noisebridge, Feb. 21 2012 around 9pm

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Mon Feb 27 00:08:09 UTC 2012

Agents Gowri Sakas and Jon K. Chinn stopped by to ask some questions.  I
answered them completely and then explained the culture of noisebridge.  I
told them that we don't keep logs, our networks are open, we have public
terminals, we let everyone in, we have a public wiki, we have no hierarchy,
and that we have meetings on Tuesday at 8PM.  I told them that we operate
on consensus and that meeting notes are kept on the wiki.  I told them we
kept no logs of who has come or left the space.  I told them that
membership was not a requirement to use the space.  Culturally, I told them
that while we have a population of security academics and professionals, we
cater to all forms of creativity.  I said that we have had our own problems
with unsavory sorts.

They were very friendly and not at all threatening.

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