[Noisebridge-discuss] Sunday March 4: Agency Salon: Protecting Digital Freedoms

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Tue Feb 28 02:23:53 UTC 2012

Announcing: Agency Salon #1: Protecting Digital Freedoms

Website: https://agencysalon.org/

When & Where

  Sunday, March 4, 2012

  Langton Labs
  9 Langton St., San Francisco, CA 94103

  Donations gratefully accepted at the door.

What it's all about:

  Does reading the news lately make you crazy? Does every day seem to
  bring a new outrage?

  Are you amazed to find yourself turning into someone who knows laws by
  their acronym, like SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, or PCIPA?

  Are you getting more and more worried about protecting your privacy
  online? But maybe you don't know where to start?

  We feel the same way. We're a group of hackers, artists, and academics
  who know each other from pulling pranks or doing big art projects,
  often at Burning Man. Most of us wouldn't have called ourselves
  "political" until recently.

  But in San Francisco we know how to achieve apparently impossible
  things, as a community. And we feel like the time is right for people
  like us to step up and see what we can do — with art, technology and
  direct action.

  We're starting out by holding a salon on Sunday, March 4th, at 3:00pm,
  on the theme of "Protecting Digital Freedoms". We'll have speakers to
  inform, inspire, and entertain, but what we really hope is that you'll
  be energized by finding some thing that you want to *do*.


  Your host for the afternoon is Aaron Muszalski, (@sfslim), storyteller,
  writer and maker. He's changing the world through collaborative
  culture, online activism and tactical whimsy.

  "Towards Internet Scale Democracy" with Neil Kandalgaonkar

  Neil Kandalgaonkar (brevity.org <http://brevity.org> | @flipzagging)
is a hacker who has had
  a small part making some of the websites you use every day, like Google
  and Flickr, and a large part making the ones you forgot about, like
  Upcoming.org. He's talking today about his new project for achieving
  consensus among large groups of people.

  "The Wikipedia Blackout" with Geoff Brigham

  Geoff Brigham is the legal counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation, the
  non-profit that runs Wikipedia. He'll be talking about the recent
  "strike" that Wikipedia held to protest SOPA, how the community came
to decide to do that, and the implications for the future. Geoff's
resume includes being a VP and deputy counsel for eBay, serving as a
U.S. Attorney for Miami, and busking on the streets of Paris.

  "Nymwars" with Eva Galperin

  Anonymity and pseudonymity have a long history in public discourse,
but real name policies on social networks and in the comment sections of
  blogs and newspapers are endangering this tradition on the Internet.
  This talk will cover the ongoing battle between real names and "nyms"

  Eva Galperin (@evacide) is an activist for the Electronic Frontier
  Foundation, where she does education, mobilization, and outreach on
all things related to digital civil liberties. Prior to EFF, Eva worked
at the US-China Policy Institute, where she helped to organize
conferences and research Chinese energy policy. She has Bachelor's
degrees from SFSU in International Relations and Political Science,
which she is continuously astonished to find useful on a daily basis.

  "Practical Privacy and Anonymity on the Internet: Tor and More"
  (30-45 min workshop) led by Morgan Marquis-Boire.

  Morgan Marquis-Boire (@headhntr) has worked in the field of security
  and privacy for over a decade in many capacities, from punk kid to
  corporate shill. Prior to his present incarnation as a corporate
  security guy for a little known search engine, Morgan has been known
to dabble in cluster computing, critical infrastructure, open-source
  security, and doomed Japanese start-ups.

  Morgan will present a brief history of anonymity on the internet,
  followed by a hands-on workshop showing you how to protect yourself
  from prying eyes by using Tor, the world's most commonly used
anonymity service. Bring your laptops!

contact liana.lareau at gmail.com <mailto:liana.lareau at gmail.com> for more
information or to hear about
future events.

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