[Noisebridge-discuss] paypal $5 to noisebridge for list drama

Just Duncan justduncan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 20:53:39 UTC 2012

Aww, come on... Make it at least a small Romney-size bet/donation of
$10,000!  That should shut up the very poor and we can eventually fly
a random person to Zanzibar for one day and back.  Ah, good times!

Seeing/reading about drama at NB is actually quite interesting and, at
times, entertaining!  More importantly, it is authentic and conveys
the fuller picture of this beautiful experiment-in-progress as
conflict arises and shows the evolution of how it is handled.  It's
real, it's part of all human groups, and a good thing.  Communication
is leadership.  For anyone not wanting all this on the discussion
mailing list, it is simple:  Filter. :-)

So just a shout out and peace to all... I love you all--- especially
Will, Liz, Kelly, Jake, Leif, Rachel, & Cynthia.  NB rocks and it all
works out... I promise. :-)


On Feb 3, 2012, at 12:11 AM, Praveen Sinha <dmhomee at gmail.com> wrote:

> Reminder:  The next time you decide to send an email involving any sort of drama, but especially drama involving specific people, drama involving sleeping people, or drama involving pools of mercury, please send $5 to noisebridge.  Think of it as a modern day cuss jar.
> This will help keep your karmic balance more to the positive, keep noisebridge well funded for further dramatic adventures, and you will definitely sleep better at night with a clear conscience.
> In fact, I will send money over right now just for having the word "drama" in the body of this email.
> Love,
> Praveen
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