[Noisebridge-discuss] Access control & Safety, both personal and general space.

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Wed Feb 8 21:14:57 UTC 2012

I believe that there are four important classifications here:

1.  Consensed Members, who have access to the space and can define/change
access levels (via consensus)
2.  Members of the Noisebridge Community, who have access to the space but
cannot define/change access levels
3.  Guests, people who are not Members of the Community or Consensed
Members but who are welcome
4.  Persona Non Grata, who are not welcome in the space.

I believe the following to be a descriptive model of what is now the case:

People can move between classifications as follows:

* Guests become Members of the Community via an informal process of
* Members of the Community become Consensed Members via a formal action of
the Consensed Members
* Guests become Persona Non Grata via informal action by Members of the
Community and/or Consensed Members:  They are asked to leave and are added
to the 86'd page on the wiki.
* Members of the Community become Persona Non Grata by formal action of the
Consensed Members.
* Consensed Members can become Personal Non Grata by formal action of the
(other) Consensed Members (theoretically).
* Consensed Members can become Members of the Community by resigning or
failing to pay their dues
* Members of the Community can become Guests via informal process.
* Persona Non Grata can become Guests by formal action of the Consensed

The various classifications have access as follows:

* Consensed Members should have physical keys and access to various
electronic methods of entry to the space.
* Members of the Community ditto.
* Guests can be let in by informal action of either Members of the
Community or Consensed Members
* Persona Non Grata should have no access.

Weaknesses (as I percieve them) in this system:

* There is insufficient distinction made between Guest and Member of the
Community (eg, we don't do anything to distinguish the two, like handing
out a key).
* The informal process by which Guests become Members of the Community is
insufficiently rigorous; it's easy for Guests to just hang around long
enough for everybody to treat them as a feature, whether they're wanted or
* The process for making someone Persona Non Grata is too stressful for its
current level of informality; it's important that we at least create a
well-defined informal process and train (especially in how to handle the
inevitable confrontations).
* The method for enforcing Persona Non Grata status is so weak that the
stress of imposing it is not seen as worth the result, so nothing happens.


On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 12:14 PM, Gopiballava Flaherty <gopiballava at gmail.com
> wrote:

> So, I'm not a member, and thus may be misunderstanding things, but the
> goals seem very ambiguous and nebulous. Without consensus on who should be
> able to do what, everybody will be confused.
> 1. Is there a clear way that people are declared persona non grata? Is
> there a clear way for that to change? (ie: who can decide to let them in /
> babysit them / etc?) I don't think that *any* access control system is
> going to help if the situation is, "Many people would really rather they
> not be at NB."
> 2. I think that people who are brand new to NB and who have only read
> about the place online should either be let in by a person who physically
> greets them at the door, or perhaps if they're 37337 enough they can h4x0r
> their way in. IMHO, there's nothing wrong with a total stranger not being
> able to get in if there is nobody upstairs
> Here's a thought for the door buzzing in: Camera down below. You can buzz
> in from a laptop inside NB, but only the bottom door. The top door is only
> openable if you have credentials or by a person physically opening it. This
> means that the entrant is virtually required to interact in some way with a
> person. You can easily ask, "hey, is this your first time here?" "No, this
> is Mitch, I forgot my key, are *you* new here?" :)
> 3. I do like the idea of some sort of chain of trust access control. It
> should be easy to revoke credentials. But then it comes back to the
> question, who shall bell the cat?^W^W^W revoke the credentials?
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