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Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 18:38:37 UTC 2012

So. I'm collaborating with a bunch of other individuals who want to help me
reorganize an area of the space. Things are going to be a bit messy for
just a short period of time. I am personally taking some but not all
responsibility of providing some influence for others to help me, because
I'm being ballsy and I'm sick and tired of hearing people complaining about
it being too cluttery and things being too disorganized even for myself to
be able to find anything I'm actually looking for. We've got sharpies and
masking tape, and we're labeling stuff and bein' all organized and sheeit
this time around.. By tomorrow everything should be finished.

I am communicating to everyone. We've already started throwing things in or
around the E-waste bin
All of the stuff that we have dumped into the E-waste bin is mostly cords,
and other stuff that we as individuals within this group that have
participated in this giant task, feel aren't important, moreover feel as if
it's all extraneous junk. For those of you who care, we are moving forward
and not stopping. Keep in mind we don't hate you, we hate the clutter.

So please bear with me for a day or so while others and I go home, and get
some rest. It's a lofty goal, but can be done!!! I've sort of cleared
everything for the purposes of moving around more freely. Once everything
is organized, our next course of action is to leave all of the clutter from
the E-waste in the E-Waste designated area next to the elevator, of in
which you as an individual can feel free to go through. Otherwise, reply to
the discuss list . We are providing everyone until MONDAY THE 13TH TO
COMPLY with us in person OR contact the discuss list/me personally at this
email address if you are aware of a specific item that you do not want to
be disposed of.. I will happily follow up with anyone and everyone about
this. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day. ;-)

-Justin Patrick Doer-r.
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