[Noisebridge-discuss] Upstairs door latch mechanism?

Gopiballava Flaherty gopiballava at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 22:20:15 UTC 2012

On Feb 10, 2012, at 15:05, David Estes <d at videst.es> wrote:

> It's a conversation I don't want to get into with a potentially
> problematic person on Mission street at night. I'm new; maybe I'm
> overestimating the dangers of this area.

I'm trying to think about a way to do this that doesn't sound confrontational. Starting by making it clear on the web site that anybody can come but that staying is at least a bit exclusive would hopefully stop the message getting out that anybody can come and do anything. The front door certainly doesn't make people think that there's a free couch to crash on upstairs.

One reason I never went to Hacker Dojo is because their web site sounded incredibly uninviting: it made it sound like their front door had a credit card reader. Something like $10 for one day use. Didn't feel like a collaborative place. Maybe I'm easy to dissuade. I'm nowhere near the 1% but I ain't poor. 

I should probably back out of this discussion because I've never been at NB when there's actually been a problem. Since I live 45 min south of NB and have a 7 year old, I'm unlikely to be around late at night.

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