[Noisebridge-discuss] Tired of Noisebridge BS, As of Late

Justin Doerr justinsfca at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 14:36:15 UTC 2012

I want to apologize for the frustration. I am personally as perturbed as
you are that your stuff was thrown in there. I am an entirely reasonable
and rational person who is willing to cooperate with almost anyone and
everyone about what I want to do. I will gladly say you are welcome to
share what I have to say to the discuss list. Last Friday night me and 4
other individuals extensively went through to make sure all the crap RAYC
swiftly threw into the ewaste bins was not to be thrown away so quickly, as
I made an extension to the due date of when I was going to throw everything
out. I literally went part by part and noticed something with your name on
it and pulled it from the pile to be put back. Keep in mind RAYC had
learned his lesson from the mistakes he made before and myself and other
individuals have coached him to slow down in his pace of reorganizing
things. I am unbelievably grateful to what great lengths of improvement
he's made in cooperating and communicating with other individuals. He also
made note of this and specifically told others working on our project to
also be careful this time around as well.

As far as Valentine's Day meeting was concerned, there was far too much
drama and back and forth piss matches between anyone and everyone that I
personally had to get up and walk out of the room to gather myself from all
of the underlying stress and heavy resentment everyone seemed to be having
towards many different targeted individuals. I wanted to make it an item of
discussion but as you can see there were far more important topics
revolving around the frustrations of others who contribute nothing to the
space, not even the willingness to reorganize things, even if it is

I may be a novice to the subjects of hacking and technology. I know they
are areas of knowledge that excite me the most, along with human relations
and psychology. However the point I'm trying to make is that I am following
my intuition that my hypothesis is that if areas such as "hacker alley" are
less chaotic and more organized, and all the extraneous crap is removed,
then it is one less area of stress for those who extensively use that area
of the space, moreover gradually we can move on to other areas of the space
as well. The thing that bothers me and RAYC the most is that it always
seems to be the case that nobody wants to take responsibility for things
until way after the fact that they have become problems. If you are someone
who frequents the space as much as I do, you are more than welcome, along
with Jake, Miloh, Mitch, and Shannon, or any other individual who has
extensive knowledge in this area of the space to consult me in person at
Noisebridge. I am willing to extend the deadline even further down the road
against my own will, due to the sense of urgency of this last meeting being
a barricade to even getting a chance to make my announcement. This is a
learning experience for myself. As unfortunate as it was that your stuff
was thrown into the bin, I must say that positively we have made it so that
you can at least walk through that area of the space. Safely that is. We
are not done, just yet.

With that being said, Jonathan, Mitch, Miloh, Jake, RAYC, Jesse, Mike, Zach
etc...., I propose that you call me at 650-515-9420, and we can set up a
time at Noisebridge along with others, so that we can pro actively discuss
as a smaller group how to improve this area of the space. Keep in mind.
Let's be peaceful and willing individuals in trying to cooperate with one
another. It's not necessary to fight and get angry and try to make others
feel guilty when our number one focus should be to allow ourselves to
improve. So please take me up on my offer and call me, and let's move
forward. THANK YOU and Smiley face. :-)

Very Sincerely,

Justin Patrick Doerr
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