[Noisebridge-discuss] I want NoiseBridge to change.

Joseph Brenner doomvox at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 00:08:38 UTC 2012

Crutcher Dunnavant <crutcher at gmail.com> wrote:

> There have been many discussions about the various cultural and
> security problems NoiseBridge currently has.

Have you followed any of them?  The consensus seems to be that they're
going to try a keypad on the front door, and change the combination
whenever things seem to get out of hand.  That plus an
electro-periscope and a banned list (85/86, you know?), that changes
things quite a bit.

Myself, I like the idea of a "secret" door bell ring for
people-in-the-know (e.g. spell out NB in morse code)... it can be done
right now, requires no additional equipment, in fact it doesn't even
require any discussion.  Anyone who wants to can start using the
secret ring, and anyone who feels like it can use that to help decide
whether to buzz someone in.

Granted, everyone has been erring on the side of too-much-tolerance,
but you hardly need to convince anyone there's a problem that needs

(I'm not-a-dues-paying-member, but will consider it when I stop
wasting my life working a silicon valley job).

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