[Noisebridge-discuss] lets help Laurent by helping him move... out

Jake jake at spaz.org
Wed Feb 22 02:41:06 UTC 2012

I think the time was then to get his attention and tell him that you want 
him to attend the meeting, which is tonight.

If you had explained that to him, which may have required more 
persistance, we would be able to talk about the issue in the meeting with 
or without his presence.

But if nobody has asked him to come to a meeting about it, it seems that 
to be fair we won't be able to do it for another week.

The advantage to actually talking to someone who makes you feel 
uncomfortable is that you can invite them to a meeting for a more communal 
outreach process.  If you can't talk to someone enough to do that, it 
seems that you're more content with ignoring them than talking to them.


Arnold Murray wrote:
--- On Tue, 2/21/12, Wladyslaw Zbikowski <embeddedlinuxguy at gmail.com> 

> Arnold, I'm confused. Have you spoken to Laurent to find out
> what he's
> doing in the space? If so, what did he say?

I did.  His piercing, mute gaze said "I am ignoring you completely,
can't you see my headphones?", or maybe I misheard him not say
"I do not speak English.  Ta guele!  Va te fair voir!"

I am but a poor subject of the Queen and speak only 1 language (poorly).

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