[Noisebridge-discuss] An honest confession [Drama]

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 22:26:14 UTC 2012

On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 1:13 AM, Justin Doerr <justinsfca at gmail.com> wrote:

I just recently received an email from an individual, whose name I choose
> to remain anonymous, that I'm thankful was kind enough for addressing me
> with honest and constructive criticism about something that I'm actually
> entirely aware of as a personal character flaw within myself.

Magnificent first sentence, darling, just superb! How could I not continue

> I promise to break up my posts into paragraphs in the future.

NO! If Joyce had bowed to convention with *Ulysses*, it would be......so
much easier to read, but really kinda boring when you get down to it.

> Thanks for listening.  You guys are the best!

We have no choice. You are an absolute superstar!


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