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Kaya firefaerie at psyreal.net
Tue Feb 28 22:53:58 UTC 2012


The field of clinical psychedelic research is alive and well. The depth
of research using psychotropic drugs to effect positive, medically
relevant outcomes has expanded vastly over the past twenty years
following a long period of quiescence that resulted from over reactions
by the government throughout the 20th century. Through the work of
organizations such as Johns Hopkins, UCLA and MAPS wavers by the DEA  to
conduct research on schedule 1 drugs does occur. It's not an easy
process to get such a waver to conduct research but the hard work of
academics and MAPS is enabling rigorous studies to take place today.

There are many studies going on right now in the US and around the world
investigating treatments for conditions such as autism, refractory
depression, PTSD, and anxiety. This research is opening new avenues of
investigation for future pharmaceuticals that act on novel systems. Take
for example the revolution that ketamine acts on glutamate and produces
profound effects on depression sufferers who have been unresponsive to
all current therapeutics. Once it was though that glutamate pathways had
zero effect on mood. This new evidence has resulted in a flurry of
research looking into compounds which act on glutamate and which
previously would have been never been examined.

Here are some current study's:

Of you are interested in the topic a little research will bring a wealth
of information.


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