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On Feb 28, 2012, at 4:30 PM, VonGuard wrote:

> Here's my thought: actually researching and creating new psychedelic chemicals is totally awesome sciency hacking. Taking them, not so much.
> As Noisebridge has no chemical lab, this group is kinda sol, and would be better off dosing elsewhere. Imagine the chaos if a tripping hippy ended up on Mission st.... oh wait, we don't have to imagine. Just walk a few blocks and you can see it happening right now. Its not pretty.
Based on the rest of the conversation thread, I'm assuming you're joking? But I'll say just for clarification: our group does not encourage the manufacture or consumption of psychedelics at our events. Both of these activities would be illegal.

There is technically no such thing as a "legal" psychedelic compound, even if it's completely new. Congress was tired of playing cat and mouse as chemists invented more drug analogues, so they passed the Analogue Act which makes any compound illegal under the same schedule as any analogues. Technically this makes serotonin and several other compounds found in our brains illegal under the analogue act.


Daniel Jabbour
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