[Noisebridge-discuss] My drunken rampage

gnnr gnnrok at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 11:42:44 UTC 2012

We should not have anyone at the space who has caused physical harm to a person.

Words, drama, drunkeness well it's up for debate, but if you put your hands on someone,
spit on someone or cause significant damage to items in the space it's intolerable.

I can not tolerate violence in a space I wish to inhabit.  I'm tired of dealing with this senseless
drama, but when it escalates to violence it must be removed entirely from the space.

I will note that Rayc may have been overly aggressive verbally but he didn't put his hands on
anyone, or spit on anyone. I would ask people in general, that if someone is drunk or out of
hand not to provoke them, and force a violent confrontation.

and please let's not get police involved…


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