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maestro maestro415 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 06:04:51 UTC 2012

# tonight michael paoli (sf/balug) came to NB to share the
upgrade/dist.upgrade/change distro of the sf/balug's server(s) @ the Linux
Discussion Group 6pm-8 or...

# he did this so others could partake, learn, ask questions, and follow
along via url's

# he also brought mutliple cases of different linux distros on cd ready for
immediate "hard install" or running "live"

# the sf/balug server(s) have been fully upgraded and grub changed without
any "livetime" interference to normal flow of lists or business

# thank you michael for coming, sharing, teaching, and hacking @ NB

# thanks to all those who came and to those who stayed after and continued
sharing and teaching

# i will post the urls tomorrow for anyone who has interest in what was

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