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Thu Mar 15 19:17:45 UTC 2012

> On Mar 14, 2012, at 1:58 PM, bandit wrote:
>> The other is a screen shot of the o-scope showing the Tek Wizzard.
>> This is an easter egg on the tek 2232 o-scope.
>> http://www.eeggs.com/items/11778.html
>> http://www.reprise.com/host/tektronix/humor/wizard.asp
> "To get 150 MHz vertical bandwidth, someone suggested that magic was
> required - thus the wizard. He appeared in the parts list too, but
> unfortunately if you burned out your wizard you were out of luck, as
> he was unreplaceable."
> Ah, so it really is magic smoke.

The wizzard started out because a drafter would draw him
on schematic traces. The wizzard became one of the guy's trademarks.

Later, they added him to the o-scope, and to the BOM.
To be on the BOM (bill of materials, another name for a parts list),
you have to have a part number assigned to each item.

Later, someone saw the wizzard had a part number, so they ordered one.
The parts folks searched in vain - they *had* to have one,
because it had a part number!
after a few months, they sent a message back to the requester,
admitting defeat.

Personally, I am sad nobody clued the parts folks in,
because then they could have just slapped a label on an empty box.
When the requester came back with the empty box,
well, naturally the wizzard had escaped - slippery things, wizzards.
Parts folks would then volunteer to send a new wizzard.

Wizzards - the original hackers!

... bandit

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