[Noisebridge-discuss] weknow knowledge base

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sun Mar 18 02:07:34 UTC 2012

> I know a bunch of stuff -- it really comes down to what people are 
> looking for.  If you want to set up the wiki with pages on Arduino and 
> the like, I'm sure people would be happy to add stuff to the pages.

I think that you should add anything you want, if it's something you think 
is a topic of interest to many people in the noisebridge community.  You 
should (in my opinion) do it in question and answer format and start with 
the most beginner basics.  Think of the questions as a class for 
beginners, with questions climbing up the ladder toward advanced 
knowledge.  But most importantly, have fun with it.

> The problem I have with a number of websites like this is that they're
> typically anonymous.  I'd far rather have something that says "this is
> me, I this is what I know, please ask me if you're stuck."  I've been
> helping people out with some Javascript, git and resume questions, but
> I don't like the idea of anonymous knowledge on yet another website --
> that seems un-Noisebridgey somehow.

it's the opposite of anonymous - if people add links to their user page at 
the beginning of the topic.  I just did that, thanks to your suggestion.

It's a way of people at noisebridge to share what skills they have, and a 
way for people to figure out how much they know relative to other people, 
so that everyone can learn more.

get on the wiki and get involved!  it's fun!


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