[Noisebridge-discuss] flying like a bird

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Thu Mar 22 21:42:47 UTC 2012

This is a CGI fake.
There is an analysis by ILM CGI experts who point out several problems:


Please note also while Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters initially thought this
might be plausible,


Editor's note: "Jarno Smeet" has gone on Dutch TV exposing the entire
affair as an elaborate hoax. Gizmodo has the full story. I left the story
as it was previously as the information is relevant, regardless of the
Jarno Smeet incident's status as a hoax.--WS

Now - if this was on the moon, in a covered crater (Heinlein) .... sign me

... bandit

> Lets fly! Again from Progressbar
> discuss  <general-discussion at lists.progressbar.sk>
> http://www.humanbirdwings.net/ 
> I hope that someone is going to do this at Noisebridge!
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