[Noisebridge-discuss] Help me build this circuit so I can teach others!

Caitlyn Meeks-Ferragallo caitlyn at flutterverse.com
Thu Mar 1 18:08:20 UTC 2012


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Hey all...

I'm starting a little group at Noisebridge dedicated to metal detecting!
Both building fancypants detecting equipment and then taking it out and
finding Riches Beyond Your Wildest Dreams(tm). At the core of this is the
actual construction of making your own hardware.  And I don't want to build
junky BFO detectors like they have at Radio Shack.  I want to make tricked
out VFO and pulse induction, arduino+digital display detectors with ferrous
discrimination and delivering as much information as possible.

I've got a couple VFO and pulse designs that I'd like to build, and teach
other people to build, perhaps on Circuit Hacking Mondays.. then on perhaps
Sundays, we go treasure hunting.  Thing is, I can solder and code and make
arduinos do stuff, but need some instruction on assembling some circuitry
from schematics.   Ideally, a circuit hacking expert can help me get the
first one built, perhaps on a breadboard first, then on a blank PCB.. then
I can teach other people to reproduce and test the same circuitry and we
can get down to the fun stuff-- finding old quarters, bottle caps, and
ancient pirate booty.  Maybe, if we get a good design nailed down (or if
you have your own hardware) we can go on a little camping trip to gold
country east of the bay area during the spring melt.

Here's what I'd like to learn to build.. it doesn't look too tricky to
build the circuit, since the components aren't too numerous, although it
involves programming an Atmel Attiny25 (code included with the design).. I
understand you can program an Attiny25 via an arduino board but don't know
how.  Or perhaps it's possible to just use arduino in lieu of the Attiny25,
since they are both Atmel-designed microcontrollers.


Also, looks like it requires some oscilloscopery, which I don't know.

If a circuit hacker can help get me going with this, so I can help others
build em, of if you know a good VFO design that is easier to build, I think
people interested could have fun and it would be a Good Thing(tm).

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