[Noisebridge-discuss] Seeking Eagle PCB GURU to collaborate on project

BOZ boz at musheen.com
Tue Mar 6 14:19:16 UTC 2012

Thanks to this list and great info sharedby  people such as Mitch Altman 
and Jonathan Foote over the last several years I have taught myself 
eagle and pcb production and produced a number of Arduino derivatives 
and other interesting items.

I now have a design and roadmap of additional boards for a very large
unique format dev board environment. I could take another year and do
this myself or I can find other like minded people that compliment my
skills and have an interest in getting involved, my goal will be for
this to be fully open source, but I would like to get the basics in
place and a large run out before opening it fully and wouldn't complain
if the team made some resources(IE money) to be able to continue forward.

So that said I guess I am looking to build a bay area team, in a
similar format to the Arduino team to grow into a partnership.

Anyone interested in PCB design, Eagle CAD layout and parts creation, 
Microelectronic and Micro Controller experimentation,
Electronic kit production, building and design and all forms of 
tinkering, bodging or futzing around with electronics, robotics and
other DIY engineering are welcome.

Anyone interested please drop a line. As I said all are welcome as there
will need to be many skill sets but right now the project needs a boost
in EAGLE PCB layout and Eagle library parts creation.

Thanks for the listen.


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