[Noisebridge-discuss] Ken H.

Justin Doerr doerrnotasayer at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 23:28:08 UTC 2012

I have spoken with Ken H. about getting together over coffee to apologize to him 
for my overreacting and shattering of his reputation. I know what it feels like to 
be in his shoes, and I plan on practicing nonviolent communication with him. 
We both agree that we don't want him to wind up in prison again, and that 
he has the tenacity to make up for his unexcellence in the past outside/inside 
of the space, by going forward and being excellent to one another inside of the space. 

I plan on voicing my support for him to be allowed to come back to Noisebridge 
and I will gladly back that decision, considering it was my drama to begin with, 
via VoIP at one of the Tuesday meetings or in a month, depending on how 
soon he wants to return. 

O FYI he is currently in AA and NA and working on his drug/alcohol abuse, and 
I've proposed we both become "accountabilibuddies". He seems to be a really 
nice guy that's in a really rough spot.
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