[Noisebridge-discuss] weknow knowledge base

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Mar 17 08:12:52 UTC 2012

Hello knowledgeable person,

so we've made this new wiki page with knowledge of several disciplines. 
The purpose of it is to allow people to find out how much they know (and 
what there is to know), so that they can learn more.  Also, hopefully 
there will be links to people who know things, so that people wanting to 
learn more can know who to ask.

In each category, we are putting a list of quiz-like questions which have 
corresponding answers.  I think the goal should be to have information 
about these topics in a question-and-answer format so that people can

I have created a few categories, including:
2.1 Arduino Quiz Questions
2.2 Soldering
2.3 Electronic Components
2.4 Replicators and MakerBots
2.5 Sewing
2.6 Cooking
2.7 Version Control / Source Control

These are topics that I think you know a lot about.  I was hoping you 
could edit the wiki and put questions and answers in there to help this 
thing along.  Eventually, everything known by anyone at noisebridge will 
be on this page (or maybe it will expand to multiple pages) and people 
will be able to instantly orient themselves relative to what there is to 

All the questions I created are essay-style, with multiple answers listed. 
The person grading themself (or someone else) can simply learn from their 
answers, or assign a percentage score to each answer to tabulate a score 
in a particular subject.  People knowledgable in these fields can add 
answers to increase the chance that someone will learn from a question, 
and increase the chance that their right answer will correspond to one 
already listed.

so please - get on the wiki and edit away!


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