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Just forwarding wondering how is our door lock mechanism doing :-)) I hope Florian that you do not mind me sharing this with Noiasebridge discuss, I just could not resist ...

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FYI - lock system v Metalabe.

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i write you because i know that at least some of you folks showed interest
in the metalab doorlock system.
we use an EVVA EMZY motorlock and driverelectronics connected to a AVR MCU
connected to a fonera.
the AVR reads an ibutton, sends the data over serial to the fonera, the
fonera looks in the DB if the ibutton has access and if so sends back over
serial to open the door.

the EMZY then opens the door.
as you see this opens possibilities for ALL kinds of authentication
including remote opening/closing aso..

as i was asked by different people before where we got our motorlock and
if there is more i contacted EVVA last week and i got an OK for up to 10
EMZY (refurbished) + matching electronics.

if you dont have a good locking system in your hackerspace and you want to
have some serious cool motorlock, come back to me by email and i will try
to get you as many locks as you need and are available.

afaik i can get up to 10 locks free of cost in total.
so it would be best to have 1 lock / hackerspace i think..

normally this kind of hardware is *VERY* expensive. 
all EVVA wanted from metalab in return for the EMZY was a logo on the
homepage in the sponsors page.
this is totally fair i think.


the emzy usually comes with a 3KS lock + some keys.. the keys are super
expensive but the lock is really secure.

so long

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