[Noisebridge-discuss] fyi: hackerspaceshop launched by overflo of metalab fame

fin fin at hackerspaces.org
Wed Mar 21 00:08:04 UTC 2012

Hey Noisebridge kids,

was fun stopping by a few weeks ago. There was so little drama in real life!

Overflo, out of metalab/vienna, is launching a new thing: a shop for
all the neat things that come out of hackerspaces.

if you have an idea/project you want to make into a kit, you should
talk to him. he's been through all the pains
so you don't have to ;)
also, they're naturally interested in reselling existing kits.

of course, there's a revenue share model and they want to support
hackerspaces with any revenues.

if you're interested in getting the kit they're selling on launch, you
may also want to talk to Miloh.

all the best

original launch email:
Hi girls, guys, robots!
We [0] are finally launching the HACKERSPACESHOP.com [1].
Before you scream "sellout!" read on and find out what is going on..

TL;DR: hackerspaceshop.com is a platform for hackers to sell their kits,
       find support with kit-making and get peace of mind with taxes
and paper work.
       We are based in central europe / the EU.

Hackers want to hack.
Some are also interested in spreading their work and let others
contribute in firmware or hardware improvements.

But most hackers have little interest in customer care, sending
packages with the postal service, RMA handling,
dealing with the tax-bureaucrats and all the hassles of running a
business based in europe.

That's what we do.

You have the idea/project/kit, we have the infrastructure and network
to get things rolling.

We will help you with our knowledge and network to get from prototype
to product.
We will sell your kits or assembled products on our platform.
We give workshops all over the world in hackerspaces and promote your
kits, teach soldering and all things microcontrollers do..

And most importantly: We give something back to the community.
We just started so we don't know yet how much money is in this, but we
are sure there is a market and we are sure there will be profit.

The profits will be used to:
 - keep the shop running and expand the stock
 - pay the kitmakers / inventors / hackers
 - give a share back to hackerspaces in forms of hardware donations /
equipment / kits / free workshops

Currently there is one robotic / electronic kit in the store that we
used as a reference implementation.
Its called SolarRoboFlower and it is a flower robot with light sensors
that can follow light sources like your flashlight or lighter.
There are 3 different versions of the kit available.

If you want to get one just go to the store and enter HELLOWORLD in the
couponcode section for 10,- off the total amount.

We will add more kits and products in the coming days / weeks and
already have a rather long list of things we would like to offer on the

If YOU have something that you want to share, dont hesitate to
contact us [3].

Also if you have questions regarding the shop or you just want to say
hello, or you want us to visit your hackerspace and have a workshop -
drop us a line.

We are giving away a limited number of SolarRoboFlower-kits to chosen
If you think your space should be on our list, let us know!

Please spread the word at your *spaces, mailinglists and tell your friends.
Together we'll make this awesome!

Lots of love

PS: Most of the things are up and running. Sourcecode, schematics and
more information on our first kit will follow real soon now.

PPS: If you are already actively producing kits, let us know, we might
be interested in re-selling them.

[0] overflo, mind, wizard23, metalab-crowd
[1] http://www.hackerspaceshop.com
[2] https://metalab.at
[3] shop at hackerspaceshop.com

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