[Noisebridge-discuss] [zine#2] NEW hacker crossword puzzle + ZiP02 release update!

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Fri Mar 30 00:46:32 UTC 2012

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Be advised some of you may need your Jargon File handy for these
questions. This is only the second crossword puzzle I've ever made, & the
first left much to be desired. Hopefully this one's better. Let me know
how you find it. Too easy? Too hard? Note that one answer is only a single
letter long.

I'd like to come up with a way for people to fill it in on screen. Right
now, unfortunately, you have to print it out....or wait for the second
issue of ZiP (the Noisebridge-inspired Zine in Progress) at the beginning
of April. (April 1st.....ideally.)

ZiP02 is going to be a moby hack of a megazine, btw. Here is the list of
contents at present (still subject to change but this is pretty close to
final - note pagination continues in hexadecimal where ZiP01 left off):

3B: Contents/Intro -- 3C: Whimzy Speaks! -- 3D: What Means "Anarchy
Enema?" -- 3E: CODE HERO *Feature* Part 1 by Gavin Knight -- 41: Calendar
of Events & Classes -- 42: Great Names in Hackerdom -- 43: RICHARD
STALLMAN *Non-Exclusive Interview!* -- 46: A Visit From the Reanimated
Corpse of ALAN TURING! -- 47: BIL CONFERENCE *Insider Reportback!* -- 4A:
POIDH (Pix Or It Didn't Happen) -- 4B: Eye C at ndy: Godzebra Arrives -- 4C:
Digital Freedom / EFF -- 4E: Agency Salon Event Review + 3 Paragraph
Essay: Facebook vs. Privacy -- 50: AFJ: Practical Jokes and Humorous Hacks
-- 51: ZiPCode: v68k Emulator Part 2 -- 54: Tech Talk with Terry (TTwT) --
56: Love @ First Hack 2.0 -- 57: AYAHUASCA: MEDICINAL BENEFITS &
SCIENTIFIC DATA by Daniel Jabbour of the Psychedelic SF Society -- 5A:
Hacker Horoscopes -- 5B: CODE HERO *Feature* Part 2 Interview w/ Alex
Peake by James Sundquist -- 5D: Pirate Party International -- 5F: 10
Reasons Why I Love Noisebridge by Justin Doerr -- 60: Notes on Using the
Laser Cutter -- 61: Profile: Francisco / Homemade Vinegar, a Latin
American Tradition -- 63: Profile: Tatiana / The Sewing Circle -- 65: How
to Make Limoncello -- 67: Hacker Horoscopes by Daravinne -- 68: Raspberry
Pi -- 69: Enema Kit Consumer Review -- 6A: WordPlayGround -- 6C: Mycology
by Alan Rockefeller -- 6E: Games: THE MADE by Alex Handy (the Guy Who Made
The MADE) -- 70: Review: Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology by Martin
Mackerel -- 71: Hacker Crossword Puzzle -- 73: In Defense of Poetry
(IDOP): When I Go To Minnesota -- 74: End Credits / HACK LE MONDE!

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