[Noisebridge-discuss] Can Mothership HackerMoms visit again?

Eric Vinyl vinyl876 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 4 23:19:30 UTC 2012

> The Noisebridge membership is IMHO
> too expensive at $40-$80/month. It's probably why we still hover at
> around 35 active members and sometimes struggle to find support to
> cover our monthly costs.

I disagree. The primary benefit of membership is being able to block consensus, but in no other way is participation in the Noisebridge community impeded. I don't think 40 bucks/mo. is necessarily too much to pay for that privilege. It is possible, though, that now is as good a time as ever to remind people that you needn't be a member to donate, are free to donate less than $40 a month if that's all you can do, and that contributions are what keep the space open and accessible for everyone!


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