[Noisebridge-discuss] My Blog.

Arnold Murray arnold.murray at ymail.com
Mon Mar 5 05:05:28 UTC 2012

--- On Sun, 3/4/12, Justin Doerr <justinsfca at gmail.com> wrote:
>So without further ado Noisebridge, I will publicly be posting my >editorials about what I think about this space, BOTH positive and >negative, in my very own public blog for all to read entitled The >Noisebridge Diaries.

Justin, I'm not sure what's going on here.  I worry about you.
One day you're going to apply for a job, the prospective employer
is going to Google/Bing you, and all of this crazy stuff about
you that you keep mailing the public Noisebridge-discuss
list is going to appear in their browser via a sequence of
ajax calls that would BLOW YOUR MIND.  

I suggest you create an opt-in blog, and mail out
invites to your intended victims.  And for G-d's sake, don't
put your real firstname & lastname in the title of it.

Best, Arnold

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