[Noisebridge-discuss] Please fund my kickstarter to relocate to Ace Monster Toys

Felipe Sanches juca at members.fsf.org
Fri Mar 9 05:32:03 UTC 2012

I've never heard of Ace Monster Toys before. Now that I looked up their
website I got kind of frustrated that I have not visited them the couple
times I've been to San Francisco. But then, after reading a bit more about
their space, It saddened me to hear that they are not open to non-members.
It is depressing to think of a hackerspace that is closed to the general
public. It is almost imcompatible with my undestanding of the hackerspace
concept: technological infrastructure for local communities to foster the
hands on attitude, and to disseminate the principles of the  Hacker Ethics;
places focused os spreading knowledge to everybody, regardless of
membership fee payment!

I will probably still visit them next time I travel to the USA, but not
with the same excitement of visiting Noisebridge, METALAB, C-BASE, and, of
course, not with the same happyness and excitement of daily interacting
with the awesome random visitors of Garoa Hacker Clube.

Felipe Sanches
Garoa, São Paulo, Brazil
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