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Phil Spitler phil at bonfirelabs.com
Mon Mar 12 21:10:40 UTC 2012

Counting in the Arduino isn't the issue, the main issue is extracting the data from YouTube and passing that to Arduino.

James Addison has kindly stepped up to help with that part (thanks James).



On 03/11/2012 05:15 PM, Phil Spitler wrote:
> I have seen a few tutorials online but they all seem to only do an action when there is a hit, not actually count the hits. 

Why is making this action be "Increment a counter" or "Set a number"
insufficient? IIRC, Arduinos have a little bit of RAM in them... surely
enough to store a 32 bit int or two. Initialize this number to 0 and
either increment by the number of new views, or just set the number to
the new number of reported views.

Am I oversimplifying the issue?

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