[Noisebridge-discuss] Massive new NSA spying project projected for 2013

Gopiballava Flaherty gopiballava at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 22:51:09 UTC 2012

Based on what I've read about the astounding breadth of federal offenses, I'm pretty sure that a prosecutor trying to persecute me would find some obscure federal crime that is far worse than anything I encrypted.

This is why I won't put a "come back with a warrant" sticker on my laptop. I would prefer to politely tell the officer that he won't find anything, and that he's wasting his time. I don't want to start the conversation off on the wrong foot. That being said, I ain't gonna consent.

I think I am more concerned about an annoyed prosecutor with no information than a friendly prosecutor with all my private data. (neither of which are very good, of course)


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On Mar 17, 2012, at 15:32, Will Sargent <will.sargent at gmail.com> wrote:

> Best option: either to look like everyone else, or start proactively
> keeping a record.

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