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cynthia lee cynthia.jeanne.lee at gmail.com
Fri May 4 18:17:39 UTC 2012

Hi, I am confronted by messages on the discuss which purport that I am
"crazy". I recall when my front office manager placed a note into my
patient's chart that he was "an asshole"! I had to explain to her that I
needed an exact description of the behavior, action, conversation that
caused her to label this man as an "asshole".

I had an extensive evaluation after my craniofacial birth defect causing
sleep apnea was repeatedly misdiagnosed by my fellow physicians. This team
of neurorehabilitation specialists determined that I was not psychotic. If
one of you has training that even suggests you know what psychosis is,
please outline it. otherwise, how about giving a description of the
behavior that you did not appreciate. Understand that even supposedly
innocuous over the counter meds such as decongestant nasal sprays have been
known to send people into psychosis, which, of course, they may not be able
to recognize. Could happen to anyone. I have managed to not take any
synthetic or prescription drugs for any reason in 6 1/2 years except some
ibuprofen. Nevertheless, several months ago, someone on this forum said I
was drugged or drug addled. I haven;t taken anything that is likely to
cause that behavior. I limit any alcohol to 1 serving a night and less than
3 a week and even that is rare.I am a libertarian on this issue and I don't
really care if you or other adults take drugs. None of my business. I'm not
complaining about your drug use but I would appreciate it if you would let
me know if you saw me behave in this manner. Then i can have a chance of
determining what is really going on.

so many of this discussion is 'i heard stories"   or "my friend told me
about her".

How about descriptions and times and dates that events occurred....and
names...not hiding behind email addresses

Cynthia Jeanne Lee MD
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