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Actually, this is not true. There has never been any link between
membership and keys.

I say this as someone who was gifted a key by Jake on my first visit to
Noisebridge (which was incidentally the first meeting at 83c).

I was not actually made a member "officially" until several months after I
started 5MoF.

It *is* fair to say that if you didn't have a key, someone in the space
would have to let you in. And there's a certain community judgement call
there, which has deliberately not been written down-- that's part of how we
empower individuals. However, given that many of us have travelled the
world giving out keys to people we meet who are excellent, there are
probably hundreds of keys in the hands of people who have never even been
to San Francisco, let alone been entered into a membership book.

Keys are not linked to membership. They are linked to people being
excellent to each other.


> Jim,
> Originally, that was _not_ the case. There was a door, and to get in
> you needed a key for that door. The key was given to you _after_ you
> had petitioned for membership in The Book, and consensus was achieved
> for your induction.
> You could, of course, let someone in if you had a key... and if you
> knocked on the door, if someone let you into the shop, you were
> responsible for having let them in. There was no "open door"
> policy.. the lock was locked.
> We have a very permeable "door" at the moment, and there are
> non-keyholders inside the space who will let other non-keyholders in.
> Yes, this was -possible- at the old 83c space, but it generally
> wasn't an issue since it was a very small space and a fairly tight
> community.
> -M
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> >
> >*    My understanding is that the original concept
> *>* of Noisebridge was to be open to the public.*
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