[Noisebridge-discuss] Drama

Gavin Knight gnnrok at gmail.com
Fri May 4 21:14:44 UTC 2012

How to be a constructive member of noisebridge:

1. Come to noisebridge to work on projects.
2. Become interested in learning and use your time to experiment with the
tools at your disposal.
3. Attend meetings and engage in the operations of the space.
4. Run a class, attend a class, run an event, or attend events.
5. Get involved in a project at noisebridge and chip in time, and resources
to achieve something.
6. Avoid drama, and make constructive changes to improve the happiness of
the space.

Merely using the most basic resources and making others uncomfortable does
not make someone a constructive member of the space. Only using the space
for the kitchen or wireless, does not make one a constructive member. In
addition, if you make others uncomfortable then that's even worse.

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